Quality Department
Quality is a measure of excellence in any field or Industry. Quality within an organization is driven by the needs of clients/customers. All members of a company demonstrate quality in how they carry out the processes to create services.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company Quality & Processes are utmost priority. Below are the list of measuring instruments being used during production & inspection activities to adhere the quality requirement.

Verniers Quantity
Mitutoyo Digimatic Vernier 8” 6.Nos.
Mitutoyo Digimatic Vernier 12” 3.Nos.
Mitutoyo Digimatic Vernier 8” 6.Nos.
Yamayo Dial Vernier 8” 1.No.
Mitutoyo Digimatic Vernier 12” 1.No.
Yamayo Dial Vernier 12” 1.No.
Yamayo Dial Vernier 6” 2.Nos.
555 Vernier 6” 1.No.
Aerospace Vernier 6” 1.No.
Mitutoyo Digimatic Vernier 8” 3.Nos.

Micrometers Quantity
Mitutoyo Micrometer 0-25 5.Nos.
Mitutoyo Micrometer 25-50 4.Nos.
Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer 50-75 1.No.
Mitutoyo Micrometer 0-150 1.No.
Yamayo Micrometer 0-25 2.Nos.
Yamayo Micrometer 25-50 1.No.
Mitutoyo Micrometer 50-75 3.Nos.

Gauges Quantity
Baker air gauge 2.nos.
Mitutoyo radius gauge 1-7mm 1.no.
Mitutoyo thickness gauge 0.05-1mm 1.no.
Mitutoyo bore gauge 10-18.5mm 1.no.
Mitutoyo bore gauge 18-35mm 1.no.
Mitutoyo bore gauge 35-60mm 1.no.
Yamayo bore gauge 50-150mm 1.no.
Baker plunger dial 0.001mm 1.no.

Extra Set’s Quantity
Mitutoyo crystal magnetic v-block (100 x 95 x7 0mm) 2.nos.
Mitutoyo digit counter type dial height gauge 300mm 1.no.
Mitutoyo bevel protractor 1.no.
Mitutoyo digit counter type dial height gauge 600mm no.
Surface table 1.no

Our Quality Assurance
Vel Tech Engineering's entire manufacturing process is subjected to strict quality surveillance starting from raw material selection to product manufacturing. The components manufactured conform to the standard norms of quality, ensuring total reliability and durability. The Company focuses on providing quality products at reasonable prices along with strict adherence to delivery schedule. The products are delivered to clients only after stringent quality checks by in house team of quality experts which guarantees delivery of finest product.
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